The material of the bag offered by Baesiq is a mass-balanced polyamide from BASF, which is obtained from the pyrolysis of used tires.


The technical criteria are intended to concretise the EU's overarching Taxonomy Regulation from 2020.


The Central Agency Packaging Register has updated and expanded the catalogue for determining the system participation obligation of packaging.


In the Munich area and in the cities of Mainz and Wiesbaden, the simplified return of reusable to-go containers is to be tested in local restaurants.


Fraunhofer UMSICHT and TNO have developed a white paper to serve as a basis for the transformation of plastics production and use.


The content of the latest BKV Report deals with the realignment of the BKV since 2013.


The law is primarily intended to promote reusable beverages and oblige retailers to offer reusable alternatives.


Michael Ludden will continue to lead the association for the next four years.


According to press reports, plastics manufacturer Covestro currently sees no basis for talks with the Arab oil company from Abu Dhabi.


The mood among manufacturers in Germany is suffering due to weak demand, persistently high energy costs and a shortage of skilled workers.