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From AGVU to Allianz Verpackung und Umwelt (AVU)

The new logo of Allianz Verpackung und Umwelt (AVU), formerly known as AGVU - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Verpackung und Umwelt, with its new claim: Gemeinsam Kreisläufe schließen.

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Verpackung und Umwelt (AGVU) is now known as the Allianz Verpackung und Umwelt (AVU).

The renaming is to emphasise the partnership-based approach of the association's members along the entire value chain. The chain ranged from the packaging industry, the consumer goods industry and the retail sector to the dual systems, disposal companies and recyclers, according to a press release. ‘The new name symbolises the AVU's self-image as a strong alliance that is jointly and permanently committed to sustainable packaging and the recycling of its raw materials,’ explains Carl Dominik Klepper, Chairman of the Alliance Packaging and Environment (AVU). The new name will be introduced as part of the campaign kick-off for the 2024 European elections, reflecting the growing importance of Europe for legislation in the field of packaging and the circular economy. The association has been campaigning for the environmentally friendly and resource-conserving use and recycling of packaging since 1986. It pools member positions on German and European legislative projects, promotes the exchange of expertise and participates in the public debate on the future of packaging.

  • AVU press release (23.4.2024)
  • Photo: © AVU

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