The report was presented by the organization to the European PVC industry during the 11th VinylPlus Sustainability Forum.


A "credit system" from CRC GmbH is to make it possible to credit recycled content in packaging, following the model of CO2 certificate trading, Euwid reports.


This results out of the joint position of the EU Competition Council on the new Ecodesign Regulation.


Pryme NV's first pyrolysis plant is being built in the port of Rotterdam, which is said to process 40,000 metric tons of mixed plastic waste annually into around 30,000 metric tons of pyrolysis oil.


The winners of this year's awards for sustainable plastic packaging have been announced.


The recycling of multilayer films is said to work - even on an industrial scale.


U.S. consulting firm Grand View Research expects demand for plastics in vehicle manufacturing to grow rapidly.


PVC products containing lead will be banned in Europe, with the exception of PVC recyclates.


The 25th International Conference on Recycling of Plastics will take place in Dresden on June 6 and 7. The BKV will again offer a workshop.


Japanese technology group Asahi Kasei plans to chemically recycle polyamide 66 (PA66) using microwave technology.