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Study: Plastics Flow in Germany 2017

Published in 2018. 106 pages. Price 100,- Euro (plus VAT).

-only available in German-

This study, which has been acknowledged for many years in politics, industry and science, shows again that plastics are the most energy and resource-efficient material, the forerunner to climate-friendly technologies, and, at the end of their useful life, a highly valuable resource that can be utilised in a variety of ways. The newly published material flow analysis provides information on the extent to which the material is presently recycled. For the first time, in addition to data on the production of new plastics and their processing, the study also gives details of the production and processing of recyclate. It shows that recyclate now accounts for 12.3 % of the plastics processed, and that is used in all fields of application – from highly technical applications such as automotive and electrical/electronics, to agriculture (approx. 35%), construction (approx. 21%) and packaging (approx. 9%). A summary is available in English (link below).


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