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Union: Promote use of plastic recyclates more strongly

In a motion currently being debated in the Bundestag, the CDU and CSU are calling for extensive measures to strengthen the circular economy.

As Euwid reports, in its motion on strengthening the circular economy, the CDU/CSU emphasizes the importance of recycling raw materials for climate and environmental protection and advocates greater independence from raw material imports. The goal must be, says the Union, to obtain the raw materials needed in industry predominantly in one's own country and to use recycled raw materials. Among other things, the German government is called upon to promote the use of recycled plastics more strongly and, in this context, to examine in which areas or product groups recyclate use quotas can be introduced, similar to the EU Commission's proposal for the use of recyclates in PET bottles from 2025. In the opinion of the Union, research and development on plastics in the area of the circular economy should be supported in a technology-open manner and also include so-called re-oil processes as well as chemical recycling processes. Plastic waste should also no longer be allowed to be exported and landfilled within the EU, according to the motion. The CDU and CSU also call on the German government to discuss legal framework conditions and suitable instruments for different recyclate groups in a dialog with manufacturers and the waste management industry. In addition, according to the union framework conditions must be created for the extraction of secondary raw materials that promote innovations in collection, sorting and processing technologies.


  • (Apr. 7, 2022)
  • Photo: © (Tim Simon)

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