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Peugeot uses rPP product from Borealis

The center console in the new Peugeot 3008 model is to be made largely from recycled polypropylene (PP).

The development, called Borcycle GD3600SY, a joint project between the plastics group Borealis, the thermoplastics injection molder Plastivaloire and the automotive group Stellantis, is intended to help achieve the targets of the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive, according to a Borealis press release. The material, said to be made from a glass fiber-reinforced polypropylene with 30 percent glass fibers and 65 percent PP recyclate, which comes from the mechanical recycling of household waste, will be used in center console supports for the new Peugeot 3008. This was the first time that such a compound with a recycled content has been used in series production for vehicle interiors, the company explains. With the development of Borcycle GD3600SY, Borealis would be responding to the expected requirements of the upcoming European End-of-Life Vehicle Directive, according to which 25 percent of the plastics used in new vehicles must come from recycled sources, with a focus on mechanical and post-consumer recycling. As polypropylene made up around a third of the plastic in cars, compounds such as Borcycle GD3600SY play a crucial role in achieving these targets. Converting household waste streams into high-quality PCR polymers of consistent quality that meet the demanding standards of the automotive industry would have been achieved through a combination of sorting, purification and extrusion steps, Borealis said.

  • Borealis press release (20.6.2024)
  • Photo: © Stellantis

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