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High special levy due to single-use plastic fund law

The volume of the special levy called for in the planned law is estimated at 458 million euros a year.

As Euwid reports in advance from a study that is about to be completed for the Federal Environment Agency, the Single-Use Plastic Fund Act could result in enormous additional costs for the economy. According to the study, the total volume of the special levy for manufacturers of certain disposable plastic products that end up as waste in public spaces, which is called for in the law but has not yet been passed, is estimated at 485 million euros a year. This would correspond to more than a third of the current costs for collection and recycling of plastic waste from the dual system, which are currently estimated at slightly more than 1.3 billion euros per year, according to Euwid. According to current plans, the special levy for producers is to take effect from 2025 and be paid out to municipalities according to a points system for their costs for the disposal of plastic waste from public spaces and cleaning. According to Euwid, the levy rates, which have been calculated for eight product categories, vary widely and are by far the highest for filter cigarettes, for example. The legal basis for the special levies is the planned Disposable Plastics Fund Act. The fund solution envisaged therein is rejected by large parts of the business community, which prefers a private fund model.



  • (8.9.2022)
  • Photo: © Pixelio / Rike

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