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For more sustainable consumption

Seven out of ten consumers in Germany want to change their consumption behaviour, according to a new study.


According to a study by the Capgemini Research Institute, increased environmental awareness and concerns about waste and depleted resources are causing more and more consumers to want to consume more sustainably and, to do so, to look for companies that are guided by the principle of the circular economy. According to the results of the survey of more than 8,000 people from 14 countries, including 757 in Germany, 54 percent want to reduce their overall consumption, 72 percent want to buy more durable products and 70 percent want to have their products serviced and repaired to extend their lifespan. Companies should promote their products responsibly and not encourage over-consumption, according to 67 per cent. Capgemini said more consumers would turn to companies with more sustainable business models, particularly with regard to food and plastic waste. For example, 44 per cent of respondents had reported higher spending on food and beverage companies in the last 12 months, which they associated with recycling, reuse and waste reduction. However, 49 per cent would believe that companies still need to do more to recycle, reuse and reduce waste. 60 per cent complain about a lack of information, for example about origin, recyclability or recycled content, and 55 per cent about too high costs for repairs. 53 percent do not want to accept compromises on convenience.



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