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CosPaTox consortium founded

The broad business consortium aims to enable the use of recyclates from post-consumer waste in cosmetics packaging.


Circular economy would be of utmost importance in the future, according to the industry consortium CosPaTox, which was founded as a consequence of ongoing activities at both EU and national level to close plastic loops. CosPaTox stands for Cosmetics, Packaging and Toxicology and aims to achieve specific safety standards for high-quality plastic recyclates from post-consumer waste for use in cosmetics and other household packaging. Members of the consortium, is said, include major European brand-name manufacturers in the cosmetics, hygiene, detergents and cleaners industries, as well as recyclers, plastics manufacturers and plastics processors such as Borealis and LyondellBasell, among others. Additional members are welcome, according to the consortium.

For the ambitious work program - the results should be available within 24 months - experts from the scientific community on the subject of recycling packaging plastics are involved, including from the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV, Vienna University of Applied Sciences and Fabes Forschungs-GmbH for Analysis and Evaluation of Mass transfer Processes. In the first step, toxicological safety standards for recyclates from post-consumer waste are to be developed with regard to the polyolefins PP and PE. In addition to defining toxicologically safe limits, this is said to also involve the development of test and measurement methods that can be rapidly implemented by recyclers on site for quality testing.

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  • Pressrelease CosPaTox (18. + 21.06.2021)
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