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Amendment on fire protection for secondary plastic storage facilities

The Conference of Building Ministers has adopted an amendment to the fire protection guideline and released it for comment.


The outbreak and spread of fire in recycling plants is to be prevented with the model plastic storage guideline MKLR. The guideline applies to the storage of secondary plastic materials (recyclates), used tires and plastic waste in storage buildings and outdoors. It regulates, for example, the height of the stored goods or the division of the storage area into fire compartments as well as the supply of extinguishing water in order to prevent a fire from starting and spreading. The Expert Commission on Building Supervision of the Conference of Building Ministers has adopted a draft amendment to the guideline. The districts involved have until February 15, 2022 to submit their comments.


Further information: on the draft amendment of the MKLR (in German)



  • (Feb. 3, 2022)
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