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Aldi Süd tests the sale and return of reusable drinks

Aldi Süd vending machine where disposable and returnable deposit bottles can be returned

Since the beginning of March, the discounter Aldi Süd has been testing the sale and return of drinks in reusable packaging.

The test in the Eschweiler regional company area reportedly extends to 28 selected shops in Aachen, Alsdorf, Eschweiler, Gangelt, Herzogenrath, Selfkant, Stolberg and Würselen. Aldi Süd wants to use the time-limited test to find out whether it makes sense to introduce reusable packaging across the board. New reverse vending machines were set up for the test run, where customers can return reusable and disposable containers. Whether the changeover will also take place in the other Aldi Süd shops remains to be seen. According to a press release, the Group wants to take a further step towards sustainability as part of its packaging mission. In addition to the ongoing ecological improvement of disposable drinks packaging, the possibility of selling and taking back drinks in reusable packaging is therefore also to be tested.
In its press release, Aldi Süd emphasises the importance of both established beverage deposit systems - reusable and disposable. Continuous ecological improvements must be driven forward in both systems, it says. This required the support of all relevant interest groups, including the packaging industry, authorities and politicians, the waste management industry and consumers. In any case, the avoidance, reuse and use of recycled material in new packaging played a decisive role in a more sustainable supply chain.

  • Press release Aldi Süd (5.3.2024)
  • Photo: © Aldi Süd

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