For the first time, this material flow analysis, which has been known for years, also determines in detail the quantities of recyclates produced and processed.

The study provides a complete EPS-/XPS-material flow of packaging and construction waste in Germany

An analysis of how much DfR could contribute without loss of function.

An evaluation of existing tools and methods for ecodesign.

This study shows how high the plastic consumption for packaging would be today without material savings.

The study clearly shows how comparatively low consumption is in Germany.

Almost 100 per cent of the PVC waste was recycled in 2013.

The study from 2011 includes various scenarios for the so-called recycling bin.

Experts discussed optimisation potential in Hanover in 2010.

An analysis on the management of waste streams containing plastics in Germany (2009).

The study provides an overview of the pyrolysis processes on the market in 2009.

The study provides an actual description of the utilisation of substitute fuels (2009).

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