Sunglasses made of marine litter


By selling sunglasses with frames made of recycled plastic retrieved from the sea, the people responsible for "The Ocean Cleanup" project headed by Dutchman Boyan Slat want to do something different to raise money for the project after the it experienced a few teething problems last year.

Many people will consider 199 euros to be a hefty price to pay for a pair of sunglasses. But perhaps, at Christmas time, some people may dig a little deeper into their pockets than usual to support the "Ocean Cleanup" project, which has been experiencing a number of difficulties. The special feature of the sunglasses is that the frame is made of recycled plastics fished out of the sea by "plastics fishermen". The design stems from the Swiss star designer Yves Béhar, who lives in the United States. The glasses are manufactured in Italy. Any profits from the sale of the sunglasses are to go entirely into the project.

After several failed attempts, the collection of plastic litter succeeded for the first time in the Pacific in the fall of 2019, but only with small quantities. Now, the U-shaped collecting arms, which are not yet fully ready for use, are to be further developed. The Ocean Cleanup is also working on another project, namely a special catamaran with collecting arms called the "Interceptor", which is to be used on rivers to intercept litter before it gets into the sea. The first test runs have apparently started.

More information on the projects can be found at The Ocean Cleanup


  • Frankfurter Rundschau (26.10.2020)
  • Photo: © the ocean cleanup

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