Progress with Operation Clean Sweep

Progress with Operation Clean Sweep


In October, the new progress report on Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) was published. This is a program from plastics producers in Europe aimed at avoiding granule losses (pellets, flakes and powders). The program is targeted at all players involved in the supply chain, from production through storage and transport to compounding and further processing. In the meantime, according to figures from PlasticsEurope, more than 700 companies are participating.

The present progress report, the third of its kind, provides information on what has so far been achieved in the program designed to prevent the loss of plastic granules. Among the now nearly 700 companies that have joined the program, which transcends the value chain, are the three major European ports where plastic pellets are handled on a large scale, namely Cartagena and Tarragona in Spain and Felixstowe in the UK. PlasticsEurope is also very pleased that all its member companies have pledged to implement the targets of the OCS program throughout Europe. By doing this, they have committed themselves to six measures, which, at the end of it all, should completely prevent granule loss in industry. In support, the program supplies a handbook and a number of recommendations and tools such as checklists for carrying out audits, as well as advertising materials posters and videos.

With the publication of the report on the OCS program, the action plan for the development of a European certification system Zero Pellet Loss 2022 was also presented. It aims at close cooperation throughout the value chain. It sets out to define effective commitments based on the six pillars of the program, the implementation of which is to be regularly checked by authorized experts. These six pillars are:

  • improving the work site set-up to prevent spillages,
  • establishing internal procedures to achieve zero loss of plastic material,
  • providing employee training and accountability for spill prevention,
  • auditing
  • complying with all regulations, and
  • sensitizing the partners in the supply chain.

The aim is to have all PlasticsEurope member companies externally audited by 2025. PlasticsEurope sees itself as the European coordinator of the global initiative, which is, however, directed at all players in the plastics value chain, from production, via storage and transport to compounding, further processing and recycling.

The full report can be found on the PlasticsEurope website.


  • (26.10.2020)
  • OCS-Report 2019
  • Photo: © PlasticsEurope

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