goodbag – every purchase is rewarded

goodbag – every purchase is rewarded


Anyone who buys a reusable bag from the Austrian start-up company 'bgood', plants a tree at the same time. With every purchase with the bag from the discounter Denner, the company pays the NGO One Earth – One Ocean for the retrieval of the equivalent of one plastic bag from the sea. This is made possible by a chip sewn into the logo of the bag.

With the goodbag, customers in the over 800 branches of Denner – the leading discounter in Switzerland – can do an environmentally friendly deed every time they make a purchase. If customers scan in the near-field communication (NFC) chip in the logo of their bag when purchasing at a Denner branch, the company will donate a sum of money to the NGO One Earth – One Ocean. The amount is oriented to the cost of retrieving the quantity of plastic waste from the sea that corresponds to a plastic carrier bag. With an app, customers can follow how often they use their own bag.

Christoph Hantschk and Todor Lazov developed the concept – which is based on the nudge principle – during their studies. The behavioural economist and Nobel Prizewinner, Richard Thaler, assumes that people can be motivated to take certain actions through little recommendations and incentives. The goodbag thus gives people the possibility to do something good with a small everyday action – and at the same time it gives them a good feeling. The Denner retail chain has since joined up with other chains and individual shops primarily in Vienna, but also sometimes in other European cities.

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  • (13.2.2020)
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