An electric car from PET bottles


A team from EU Eindhoven has presented a resource-saving concept car that goes for lightweight construction and recycling materials. The students utilised a composite material of flax, recycled PET bottles and recycled aluminium. A considerable proportion of the plastic is said to be produced from materials fished out of the sea.

"Luca", as the Ecomotive Team from TU Eindhoven calls the concept car, aims to demonstrate that electric cars can be manufactured more economically and that materials obtained from waste products can also be used. The chassis is made by a sandwich method: Inside is a honeycomb structure from 100% recycled PET and outside there is a top layer of flax fibres impregnated with polypropylene (PP) obtained from plastic litter from the sea. The bodywork is said to be a blend of recycled PP and materials from the Israeli start-up company UBQ, which makes recycling plastic from household waste. Auxiliary frames from recycled aluminium support the bodywork at the front and back and also serve to accommodate the axles. The vehicle, developed from secondary raw materials, is powered by two all-electric wheel-hub motors on the rear wheels. Luca has been designed in such a way that, at the end of its service life, the different materials can be easily separated from one another and returned to the cycle without problem.

The Ecomotive Team has been working on the new development for only eleven months. The plan before corona had been to go on a promotion tour this summer.

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  • TU Eindhoven
  • (19.3.2020)
  • Photo: © TU Eindhoven

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