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Youth 4 Circular Future

The first network for young people in the circular economy is to be established starting next year.


According to Anja Carron, founder and CEO of Theia International e.V., the project's sponsor, the aim of the project is to give schoolchildren a platform for the first time with which they can learn together on topics related to the circular economy, exchange ideas and launch their actions. In education and the discussion about climate protection and a sustainable future, the circular economy has so far played much too small a role in Germany, Carron emphasizes. The project now aims to target young people aged 14 to 18 in Germany and encourage them to get involved. The plan is to bring the young people together with innovative companies and social entrepreneurs from the circular economy. "Youth 4 Circular Future" (Y4CF) is designed to enable young people to network with each other globally, learn with international experts and launch sustainability and awareness campaigns themselves alongside mentors. According to the plan, in weekly workshops following the project's launch next spring, the young people will work together to develop awareness campaigns and projects on key topics such as sustainable fashion, smart cities and zero waste. Representatives from research and business will support them as mentors. In regular live sessions, international guests shall illustrate the role that global cooperation plays in the circular economy. At the end of the project, Theia International plans to present the campaigns developed within the network and award prizes for selected measures.

Companies, research centers or institutions interested in "Youth 4 Circular Future" can contact Theia International by email: team(at)



  • Euwid Recycling und Entsorgung 50/2021 (12/14/2021)
  • (12/3/2021)
  • Photo: © Theia International (Anja Carron with young people)

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