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Versalis + Crocco: Food packaging with material from chemical recycling

Portrait photo of the CEO of Versalis, Adriano Alfani

The two companies are working together on food packaging made from chemically recycled materials.

Versalis, a chemical subsidiary of the Italian oil and energy group Eni, and Crocco (SpA SB), a company specializing in flexible packaging based in Reichshof/Wehnrath, Germany, have announced a collaboration to produce food packaging films from raw materials that are to come in part from the chemical recycling of post-consumer plastic waste. The aim is mass production for the wholesale trade, according to a press release. The production of packaging from a Balance® brand product supplied by Versalis is intended to enable the manufacture of a recycled film for the food sector. The film is suitable for food contact and at the same time fulfills the technical and hygienic properties for packaging intended for food. The production of packaging whose material comes from chemical recycling also promotes more efficient resource management, contributes to a significant reduction in the use of new resources and is in line with Versalis' circular economy and sustainability goals, it adds. "The circular economy is one of the pillars of our strategy and we are committed to developing complementary technologies in the field of mechanical and chemical polymer recycling," comments Adriano Alfani, CEO of Versalis (photo). "This new technology for the production of safe and efficient recycled packaging opens up important new frontiers for the circular economy in the highly regulated food industry. We are proud to have launched this Made in Italy supply chain with Versalis," adds Renato Zelcher, CEO of Crocco.

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