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TecPart: Frank Stammer heads EU standardisation of plastic recyclates

Portrait photo of the head of EU standardisation for plastic recyclates Frank Stammer

TecPart's expert for the circular economy has been appointed chairman of European standardisation in the field of plastics recycling.

Frank Stammer, expert for circular economy at Tecpart - Verband Technische Kunststoff-Produkte e.V., has been appointed by the national standardisation bodies of the EU member states as Chair of European standardisation in the field of plastics recycling. He succeeds the previous chair Kristin Geidenmark-Olofsson and says: "The role I have been given as chair of this European standardisation body, which is so important for the transformation of the circular economy of plastics, fills me with great pride, but Kristin Geidenmark-Olofsson also leaves behind a great professional and personal legacy, whose footsteps I will try to fill with honour over the next six years.“
TecPart believes that public commentary on national, European and international draft standards is an important, but previously underutilised, opportunity for companies in the plastics industry to help shape the industry. "Reflecting on the content and discussing the technical details of the new standardisation documents on plastics recycling and the use of recyclates in new plastic products is not only a necessary part of the content discussion with the member companies from the plastics processing and recycling sector in TecPart and therefore an integral part of the committee meetings, but also an essential market safeguard for compounders and recyclers in the future. A strong industry voice is important in this highly debated topic at European level and to the benefit of the companies involved," explains Michael Weigelt, Tecpart Managing Director and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the DIN Plastics Standardisation Committee, on the association's involvement in standardisation. The "Plastics Recycling" working group of the Technical Committee for Plastics in the European standardisation body (CEN/TC 249 WG 11 for short), which is now headed by Stammer, is said to be not only one of the leading European communication platforms for experts in the standardisation of plastic recyclates, but also one of the most important coordination partners for European, international, US-American and African standardisation activities in the processing of plastic waste.

  • Plasticker (19.3.2024)
  • Photo: © TecPart

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