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Standardized evaluation of plastic recyclates

A draft of DIN SPEC 91446 as a standard for the evaluation and classification of plastic recyclates is available for comment.


DIN SPEC 91446 "Classification of plastic recyclates by data quality levels for use and (internet-based) trade" is intended to provide a uniform standard for the classification of plastic recyclates in the future. The basis for this is the available data depth (data quality level) and corresponding markings. The approach, which is to be applicable to all types of polymers, is aimed at maintaining and facilitating consistent communication within the value chain and thus advancing the recycling of plastics. DIN SPEC 91446 is aimed in particular at users, processors, recyclers and disposers in the plastics sector, for whom it provides a common language. The system defined in the new standard for classifying plastic recyclates according to the data depth of their description is intended to remove obstacles to the industrial use of recyclates. In addition, the standard defines methods for unambiguously determining recyclates and recyclate content in plastics applications and labeling them accordingly.


Sixteen organizations along the entire recycling value chain collaborated on the draft of DIN SPEC 91446, initiated by the Cirplus Internet platform for trade in recyclates and plastic waste. The draft has been available for viewing and comment for two months since May 21 at: The aim is to finalize the new standard by around the end of 2021 and then make it available as a free download.



  • (4/6/2021)
  • Photo: @ mtm plastics

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