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Regulation on single use plastic fund published

The federal government of Germany has submitted the ordinance on the levy rates and point system for the single-use plastic fund.


The Single-Use Plastic Fund Act (EWKFondsG) came into force in May 2023 and stipulates that manufacturers of single-use plastic products such as beverage cups, bag and film packaging, lightweight carrier bags, balloons or tobacco filters must pay a levy from January 1, 2024. The law was created to implement a requirement of the EU directive on single-use plastics. The main goal of this directive is to reduce carelessly discarded plastic waste. The new regulation of the EWKFondsG aims to make producers of single-use plastic products contribute to the costs of waste disposal and cleaning of public areas. The regulation now proposed sets the levy rates for manufacturers of affected single-use plastic products and the point system by which the fund money is to flow to municipalities. Accordingly, fees of 0.18 euros per kilogram are to be charged for disposable food packaging, 1.24 euros per piece for beverage cups, 0.88 euros per kilogram for sack and film packaging, 3.80 euros per kilogram for lightweight carrier bags, 4.34 euros per kilogram for balloons and 8.97 euros per kilogram for tobacco products with filters. From 2025 onwards, the fund resources are to be passed on to the municipalities as compensation for the disposal costs incurred. The draft ordinance has yet to be passed by the Bundestag.
Further information: to download the draft ordinance (in German)

  • (August 29, 2023)
  • Photo: © Rike / Pixelio

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