Recycling information campaign

Recycling information campaign


Starting July 12, a campaign shall spend a week educating people about the benefits of recycling plastic packaging.


Under the slogan "For our environment: from packaging to packaging," the information and participation campaign under the umbrella of the Forum Rezyklat alliance aims to promote the idea of seeing used plastic packaging as raw materials. The campaign's target group is the employees and customers of the production and trading companies united in the alliance. For one week starting on July 12, the campaign will address questions such as what happens to the recycled materials, what a recyclate is and how it contributes to environmental protection, and which products on store shelves already contain recyclates. The campaign is to include several measures and actions:

  • a Forum Rezyklat image film "Talking about plastic" about the path from a throwaway society to a sustainable circular economy,
  • a podcast "ZweiZwanziger" with influencers Florian Gerl and Melisa Dobric, who will clarify questions about packaging and recycling in an easy-to-understand way,
  • an upcycling challenge for families to create works of art from everyday packaging, with product packages to be raffled off, and
  • a waste collection campaign during the week of July 12-18, in which company employees will collect waste from the natural environment for subsequent recycling.

In parallel with the activities, the forum's own website at will be ready in time for the launch, where employees and customers of the companies can find supplementary information on the circular economy or recycling of plastic packaging.



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