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Plastics processors honor ten top trainees

The ten best plastics technologist graduates have been awarded the Günter Schwank Prize.

Named after the entrepreneur and visionary Günter Schwank, the renowned prize for young talent has been awarded annually since 2001 to the ten best plastics and rubber technologist graduates in Germany. At a ceremony held at the Haus der Chemie in Frankfurt am Main at the end of June, the GKV Gesamtverband Kunststoffverarbeitende Industrie, its member associations, the K trade fair and the magazine Kunststoffe honored the special efforts of young trainees. Dr. Helen Fürst, President of the GKV, presented the awards and said at the awards ceremony: "The award winners have prevailed among around 1,280 graduates - this really is a huge success and deserves my respect and congratulations for these great achievements". The award winners' training companies and vocational schools were also honored. In his opening speech, swimming legend Michael Groß encouraged the top trainees to stay on the ball. In 2024, the training prize, which is endowed with a total of 5,000 euros, will go to Andre d'Arragon, AGOFORM GmbH; Julia Altendorfer, Altendorfer Kunststofftechnik GmbH; Florian Günther, Diehl Aviation Laupheim GmbH; Enes Öcal, Ensinger GmbH; Sebastian Jungklaus, Konrad Hornschuch AG; Jana Clasemann, Lukas Fischer, Katharina Lüllmann and Lilly Möllmann; Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG Kunststoffwerk Werkzeugbau; and Yannick Just, REHAU Industries SE & Co. KG. The ten best students of the year will receive their share of the prize money and a certificate. In addition, all prize winners will be admitted to the Club of the Best.

  • Press release pro-K (28.6.2024)
  • Photo: © pro-K

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