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Plastic chairs from the sea

A plastic chair is created from 20 kilograms of marine waste that can be donated to a school.


The Mama Earth Foundation is active in the Philippines, where it is ensuring massive reforestation of the islands with mangroves. According to the foundation, almost two million have already been planted there, providing the population with a better income and also storing lots of CO₂. The foundation has also found a solution to another problem: More and more plastic waste from the sea is getting caught in the roots. The planters collect this for a little extra money and deliver the collected material to the recycling company in Davoa, the largest Philippine city on the island of Mindanao with more than 1.6 million inhabitants. There, new plastic chairs for schools, for example, are made from around 30 kilograms of collected plastic. On the Mama Earth Foundation website such chairs are offered for sale, which in turn are donated to schools. According to the foundation, the donor receives proof of where exactly the chair ended up.


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  • (10/12/2021)
  • Photo: @ mama earth foundation

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