Packaging for the Circular Economy

Packaging for the Circular Economy


Innoform and SKZ jointly invite to the conference on 15 and 16 May in Würzburg.

The organisers of the conference "Environmentally friendly plastic packaging through recycling management" in the Marienburg fortress in Würzburg expect around 120 participants from the retail, flexpack, consumer goods and food industries who want to get up to speed on the subject of recycling management and adequate packaging solutions along the supply chain. Against the background of the environmental pollution with plastics the lectures and discussions will focus on solutions and approaches for a modern packaging industry. Which conclusions can be drawn from ideas and developments such as post-growth economics, "Unverpackt" shops or zero waste, which materials should be used? Paper or plastic, biopolymers or glass, tin cans or folding boxes? Since no optimal solution is yet in sight, the organizers want to stimulate a fact-based discussion on solutions that make social, economic and ecological sense.

Further information as well as the possibility for registration find you here:


  • Innoform Coaching GbR (8.5.2019)
  • Photo: Pixelio / Siepmann

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