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Packaging films with eco-label

The packaging films awarded the "Blue Angel" environmental seal are said to contain 80 percent recyclate from post-consumer waste.


Profine GmbH's films, which contain 80 percent recyclate from post-consumer waste, have been awarded the German government's "Blue Angel" eco-label and are being used for the first time by a profile manufacturer to package profiles on pallets, in bundles or for product protection, according to the company. The recycled polyethylene packaging films are a joint development of profile manufacturer profine GmbH and film producer Infolio GmbH. All recycled polyethylene film waste from profine customers in Germany, as well as all internal production film waste, is to be recycled in a closed loop together with the supplier and then returned to production. According to the two companies, the recyclate for the packaging films is obtained from plastic waste generated in households, as well as partly from plastic residues from the oceans.



  • Plasticker (Jan. 25, 2021)
  • Photo: @ profine

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