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Over 600 plastics recyclers in Europe

More than 600 recyclers in Europe have a capacity of 8.5 million tonnes per year, according to PRE.

As reported by Euwid, according to the umbrella organisation of recyclers in Europe, Plastics Recycler Europe (PRE), more than 600 plastics recyclers are active in Europe and have a combined recycling capacity of more than 8.5 million tonnes per year. Over 20,000 employees generated an annual turnover of three billion euros in 2019. The recycling capacity is reportedly split 30 per cent PET, 29 per cent PE-LD, 20 per cent PE-HD/PP, ten per cent PVC and six per cent mixed plastics. For engineering plastics, the total capacity is said to be 4.5 per cent and finally for PS 0.5 per cent. Two thirds of the total capacity is located in the five countries Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain and Spain.

More information: PRE, Report on Plastics Recycling Statistics 2020


  • Euwid Recycling und Entsorgung 4/2021 (26.1.21)

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