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Operation Clean Sweep®" certification system launched

Plastics Europe and EuPC announce the launch of a European certification system to prevent pellet leakage.


The harmonized certification system "Operation Clean Sweep®" (OCS) developed for Europe represents an important milestone as a new tool to combat pellet leakage, explain Plastics Europe, the association of plastics manufacturers in Europe, and EuPC, the association of European plastics processors. The certification system is scheduled to take effect from February 2023 and will further strengthen the Operations Clean Sweep program by creating harmonized processes and procedures to control and document pellet leakage throughout the plastics supply chain, the two associations said. The system will enable all current OCS participants and other companies handling pellets in the supply chain to assess and quantify the implementation of their OCS commitment, is said. And it is said to establish common minimum requirements that will be regularly verified by accredited certification bodies. In addition, certified companies will be listed in a public online registry. An annual report on certification performance is also to be published, including estimates of pellet losses. "The launch of the OCS Europe certification scheme is an important step to further improve the impact of the 'Operation Clean Sweep' program and support our members and value chain in preventing pellet losses. Plastics manufacturers are determined to implement certification in their European plants and are encouraging their value chain partners to do so as well," explains Hervé Millet, Director Climate and Production at Plastics Europe. Now the problem of pellet losses can be tackled with a practical toolbox, adds Geoffroy Tillieux, Technical Director of European Plastics Converters (EuPC). Ingemar Bühler, general manager of PlasticsEurope Germany, calls on the entire value chain to join the OCS program and become certified: "Only by working together as a united value chain we can combat pollution by pellet."
The OCS program already provides recommendations, information and tools with the goal of preventing inputs of plastic pellets into the environment. According to the data, more than 1,800 companies, sites and associations in the plastics industry have committed to implementing the OCS program to help reduce pellet leakage that could still occur at all stages of the value chain, despite comprehensive standard controls.
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