No Universal Solution for Packaging

No Universal Solution for Packaging


Mondi and Pacoon want to elucidate about more sustainable packaging and recycling practices together.

Mondi, a global packaging and paper company, has teamed up with Pacoon GmbH, a Munich-based packaging design consultancy, to educate businesses and consumers about more sustainable packaging. At ProSweets 2019, there would have been major gaps in knowledge about understanding material complexity and when plastic and when paper are the best choices. Now Mondi and Pacoon together would want to elucidate companies and consumers together and illustrate the various approaches to waste treatment with the help of an interactive world map, among other things.

The myth that biodegradability is always better was particularly widespread among visitors to the stand of the fair, according to Peter Désilets, Managing Director of Pacoon. It also would have been widely agreed that packaging should be best free of plastics, although life cycle analyses show that plastics can be the most sustainable solution. An interactive world map showing various real waste treatment practices such as landfill solutions, recycling, incineration, etc. is designed to help consumers understand that there is no universal solution for sustainable recycling and disposal practices.
Désilets believes that countries with little recycling infrastructure or large amounts of landfill waste would be better off with compostable packaging. Countries with a better developed recycling infrastructure, on the other hand, should focus on recyclability and/or recycled materials. Climate conditions also would have an impact on to which materials are used, says the packaging solutions consultant.


  •, (29.4.2019)
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