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New initiative "Climate Protection Plastics Industry

The initiative wants to show ways to improve the CO2 balance in companies. Three SMEs have currently joined the initiative.


The initiative Climate Protection Plastics Industry is a joint project of the German Wood and Plastics Processing Industry Association (HDH) and the German Association of Plastics Converters (GKV). It was reportedly developed and designed by the Gesellschaft für Klimaschutz für die Holzindustrie - GKH GmbH. Companies that join the initiative undertake to ensure transparency in their emissions and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through concrete measures. How climate neutrality can be achieved for the respective company and its products is what the Initiative Climate Protection Plastics Industry wants to show for its part, is said.
According to the HDH and GKV, three companies from different sectors of the plastics industry have joined the initiative as its first members. They are the manufacturer of dimensionally stable plastic packaging Fürst GmbH from Hallerndorf, the manufacturer of glass-fibre reinforced plastics LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz Gruppe from Rehau and the manufacturer of plastic sheets and films Universal Polythex Kunststoffe GmbH from Übach-Palenberg. "We welcome the new members and are pleased that our initiative has been so well received by companies in practice," says GKV Chief Executive Dr Oliver Möllenstädt. "The Climate Protection Initiative Plastics Industry shows ways in which the CO2 balance in companies can be improved in very concrete terms. This is good for climate protection as well as on a business management level." HDH Managing Director Dr Denny Ohnesorge explains: "The reputation and the charisma of the companies show: With the initiative, we have taken the right path together." Together with the new members and, in future, other companies, the intention is to continue to accompany and shape central concerns of the industry in the field of climate protection and sustainability.

  • Pressrelease HDH, GKV (Sept. 27, 2023)
  • Picture: © Initiative „Klimaschutz Kunststoffindustrie“

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