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New BKV report published

Titelseite des Jahresreports 2023/2024 der BKV GmbH - Thinktank und Kompetenzcenter der Kunststoffindustrie

The latest report contains an overview of the BKV's work as well as statements by experts from the BKV committees.

BKV GmbH is a think tank and competence center for the German plastics industry. Its expertise from scientific studies and projects forms the basis for a fact-based discussion on the topics of resource efficiency and the circle of plastics. The current report provides an overview of the BKV's work and also contains first-hand statements from the Advisory Board and the Technical Committee (TA), not least on the BKV's latest study on assessing the recyclability of plastic packaging. For example, Dr. Helen Fürst, Managing Director of the Fürst Group, President of the GKV Gesamtverband Kunststoffverarbeitende Industrie and member of the BKV Advisory Board, explains the importance of the factual basis for the political discussion. Dr. Frank Buckel, Covestro Deutschland AG and spokesperson of the TA, reports on the work of the Technical Committee, and Dr. Joachim Christiani, HTP GmbH & Co. KG, gives a brief insight into the latest study by BKV GmbH on evaluating the recyclability of plastic packaging. An overview of all BKV projects and studies can also be found in the current BKV report.
You can download the current BKV report here (in German).

  • BKV GmbH (04.06.2024)
  • Picture: © BKV GmbH

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