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Jokey & Remondis: Closed loop in the food sector

Jokey and Remondis are working together to develop a closed-loop system for the food industry.

In a joint research project, plastic injection moulding specialist Jokey and environmental services provider Remondis say they want to develop practical processes for polypropylene packaging from the commercial sector and scale them up for industry. The aim was to produce packaging products made from recycled polypropylene (rPP) that receive approvals from European and US authorities. Since 2022, the Jokey Group has been pursuing its own research project under scientific supervision on the recycling of rigid packaging and the production of food-grade recycled polypropylene (rPP). Remondis is to contributesmany years of experience in recycling PP and PE. Thanks to continuous improvements in sorting and processing, recyclates could now also be used in the manufacture of very sophisticated products, it is said. The cooperation between Jokey and Remondis is said to create a closed-loop system for food packaging. Remondis was responsible for the collection, recycling and sorting of food packaging from commercial end consumers, from which recyclates are then obtained using mechanical processes, which in turn are to be used by Jokey to produce new packaging. In order to be able to produce new food packaging from these recyclates in the future, the two companies want to ensure a closed material cycle consisting exclusively of food packaging.

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