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Joint mission statement for plastics recycling management

BDE, VCI and PED announce the presentation of a joint mission statement for the circular economy with plastics.


At a press conference on Wednesday, 06 September 2023, the Federal Association of the German Waste Management, Water and Environmental Service Industries (BDE), together with PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V. (PED), the association of plastics manufacturers, and the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI), will present a joint mission statement on a circular economy with plastics in Germany, according to a press release by PED. The three associations, which would be strongly supporting the drafting of a National Circular Economy Strategy (NKWS) by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, are in favour of giving priority to mechanical recycling, but are also clearly committed to the chemical recycling of plastic waste that is not suitable for mechanical processes. According to the press release, plastics are more necessary today than ever before, and demand will increase significantly worldwide in the coming years, for example in the energy and mobility transition, in the health care industry and in the packaging industry. Therefore, product design, waste avoidance, disposal, collection, sorting and recycling of plastics should be significantly improved and intensified globally. According to the associations, this is the only way to achieve noticeable effects for climate protection and environmental protection. Germany would have a pioneering role. With its still world-leading chemical, plastics and recycling industry, the country was particularly challenged to develop and implement comprehensive solution models in production and recycling for the effective and sustainable use of this versatile material. BDE, PED and VCI had jointly considered these challenges and summarised the results in a paper, is said.


  • Pressrelease PED (30.8.2023)
  • Picture: © BDE, VCI, PED

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