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Jacket made from chemically recycled polyamide

Black jacket made from recycled material

Fashion retailer Zara is selling a jacket made from Loopamid, a chemically recycled nylon fiber from BASF.

According to BASF, Loopamid, a polyamide 6 (also known as nylon), is made from 100 percent textile waste and was developed to improve circularity in the fashion industry and recycle polyamide 6 textile waste. The technology is said to tolerate all fabric blends, including PA6 mixed with elastane, and enables textile-to-textile recycling of industrial textile waste and used clothing. According to BASF, the fibers and materials can be recycled over several cycles. The material properties are said to be identical to those of Virgin Material.
Zara has produced a jacket made from Loopamid, which is now to be available worldwide and in which all parts, including fabrics, buttons, filling, Velcro and zippers, are reportedly made from this material. Dr. Ramkumar Dhruva, head of BASF's Monomers division, says: "BASF has reached an important milestone on the road to the circular economy in the fashion industry and has pioneered work to close the loop for nylon textiles. Our loopamide has the potential to revolutionize the PA6 market. We are working on scaling up our technology to serve our customers with commercial volumes."

  • Press release BASF (23.1.2024)
  • Photo: © Inditex

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