From greenhouse gas to raw material

From greenhouse gas to raw material


Numerous experts met at a major international conference in Aachen to discuss the potential of carbon dioxide utilization.

At the five-day meeting, scientists from all over the world discussed how the chemical industry could become more independent of crude oil by using CO2. For example, the use of carbon dioxide from industrial exhaust gases and the atmosphere to produce high-quality chemicals, plastics or even fuels offers great potential. In the long term, the experts hope, a closed carbon cycle could emerge as a central component of a circular economy. The polymer materials manufacturer Covestro, which sees itself as a pioneer in the use of CO2, was one of the organisers and sponsors of the conference. In close cooperation with RWTH Aachen University, the company succeeded in developing a technology to use CO2 as a building block for foam and other plastics. CO2 is a very inert molecule and its use is therefore anything but simple, explained Dr. Christoph G├╝rtler, Head of Catalysis Research at Covestro. He sees the key to success in the cooperation between application-oriented science and research-based industry.



  • Plasticker 28.6.2019
  • Photo: Covestro

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