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First digital product passport for mattresses

Photo : imm Cologne  Martin Auerbach, Stefan Cognie, Ronja Zoppke, Rick Holvoet, Benjamin Marien und Henning  Kanter

Schlaraffia has announced that it is the first mattress manufacturer in Germany to start introducing a digital product passport.

The Bochum-based mattress manufacturer Schlaraffia, a brand of Aquinos Bedding Germany GmbH, has announced that implementation of the digital product passport is to begin gradually in 2024. The product passport is to provide information on all components and materials for each Schlaraffia mattress. It will reportedly take the form of a label on the cover visible from the outside with a QR code and an RFID chip inside the mattress. The data collected by this are to be recorded in all phases of the product life cycle, updated at any time and utilised during development, production, use and disposal. Through to the standardised summary of product information, it is said to be not only possible to see which materials were used in production in the recycling process. The materials could also be effectively separated and recycled. According to Schlaraffia, the digital product passport is being implemented in collaboration with Avery Dennison, a provider of digital labelling solutions, and its partner TripleR, a specialist for digital labelling in the bed segment.
"As a leading brand manufacturer, we see it as our duty to lead the way and develop products in such a way that they can be efficiently recycled at the end of their life cycle. The digital product passport is another important step towards a circular economy. It is still unclear when the digital product passport will become mandatory within the EU as part of the Ecodesign Regulation, but what are we waiting for? We are happy to proactively set a good example and look forward to an open dialogue within the industry," explains Henning Kantner, Commercial Director Schlaraffia.
In the picture from left to right: Martin Auerbach (Managing Director of the Fachverband Matratzen Industrie e.V. and Head of the Textile + Sun Protection Competence Centre), Stefaan Cognie (Co-founder TripleR), Ronja Zoppke (International Marketing and Sustainability Manager Schlaraffia), Rik Holvoet (Co-founder TripleR), Benjamin Marien (International Commercial Director Aquinos Bedding), Henning Kantner (Commercial Director Schlaraffia)

  • Press release Schlaraffia (16.1.2024)
  • Photo: © Aquinos Bedding Germany GmbH

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