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Federal Council rejects ban on organic waste bags

Organic waste may continue to be disposed of in biodegradable bags in the organic waste garbage can.

On the amended Organic Waste Ordinance (BioAbfV) was voted in the state chamber last week. The ban on biodegradable plastic bags (BAW bags) in separate organic waste collection, which had previously been advocated by the lead Bundesrat Environment Committee as well as the Committee for Agricultural Policy and Consumer Protection and the Interior Committee, was not approved by the Council. The Council members had followed the previous government draft, according to which only BAW bags and paper bags coated with biodegradable plastics are permitted as collection and transport media for the separate collection of biowaste. Verbund kompostierbare Produkte e.V. welcomes the Council's decision. Peter Brunk, chairman of the association, said: "Today, the Bundesrat has sent a clear signal that the decision-makers trust the results of scientific research and the local authorities. Numerous consumers and disposal companies in Germany and throughout Europe rely on this hygienic collection aid for the clean and efficient disposal of biowaste. Certified compostable biowaste bags made of bioplastics help reduce biowaste in residual waste." As Euwid reports, the Federal Association of the German Waste Management Industry (BDE) is also basically in agreement with the amendment, although it probably still sees a need for action on the part of waste producers and municipalities: "We need clear controls that improve waste quality so that further treatment also receives a quality boost," says BDE President Peter Kurth. He added that this also includes making waste producers and municipalities more accountable to further promote separate collection.



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