Federal Cartel Office Takes More Time

Federal Cartel Office Takes More Time


According to Euwid, the German Federal Cartel Office now wants to examine the takeover of DSD by Remondis for longer.

According to Euwid, it has learned from informed sources that the Bundeskartellamt will not decide on the admissibility of Remondis' takeover of the Green Dot as early as mid-May. A later date is now likely. According to insider information, Remondis intends to stick to its plan to take over the Duale System Holding completely and try to refute the objections of the Cartel Office. In the event of a refusal, however, Remondis is expected to appeal to the Higher Regional Court.


  • Euwid Recycling and Disposal 18/2019 (30.4.2019)
  • Photo: Federal Cartel Office

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