FDP advertises for levy on plastic products

FDP advertises for levy on plastic products


The levy in the equivalent of the disposal value is to be paid to those who return the plastic packaging.

According to a report in the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung), the FDP parliamentary group in the German Bundestag is not very keen on bans on plastic products, but instead proposes a kind of plastic fee. Judith Skudelny, a member of the Bundestag who is responsible for the initiative, has a special focus on emerging countries, where consumption and thus the amount of waste is increasing. On the one hand, the female lawyer suggests to simplify recycling by using blockchain technology and marking every product packaged in plastic. On the other hand, a disposal value should be added to the packaging, which the company would have to transfer to a still to be defined authority. This amount would be paid to the person who, for example, carries back the empty packaging to a collection point. This should make recycling more attractive, especially in developing and emerging countries. According to Mrs Skudelny's position paper, the financial basis must be borne by those who profit from the sale of their consumer goods in these countries. "If we give plastic a value right from the start, then collecting is also worthwhile," the politician is convinced.


  • FAZ (30.1.2019)
  • Photo: © Humble Dreamer

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