Failure of a Large LVP Sorting Plant

Failure of a Large LVP Sorting Plant


A fire at Alba's new sorting plant in Marl has exacerbated the already difficult situation in sorting.

The sorting plant of Alba Recycling GmbH in Marl, with an annual capacity of 200,000 tonnes of light packaging, only went into operation a few months ago. On the night of 24 April, a devastating fire caused damage allegedly in the double-digit millions. Around 200 firefighters had to come to extinguish the fire. According to Euwid, the plant will presumably fall out until the end of the year. This would aggravate the already tense situation in the sorting of light packaging from the dual system since the beginning of the year. The outflow of transshipment places is said to be only hesitant. According to Euwid, Remondis board member Thomas Conzendorf has appealed all eight dual systems for a supporting joint action plan after the current fire. In his opinion, interim storage facilities could also help in the short term with the necessary removal of light packaging from the transhipment points.


  • (24. and 25.4.2019)
  • Photo: © macipen/pixelio (symbol image)

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