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Exports and imports of used plastics continue to decline

German foreign trade volume with plastic waste is at its lowest level since 2008.

As Euwid reports, according to Destatis data, imports and exports in Germany in September were only 82,800 tonnes. This corresponds to the lowest level since the financial crisis in 2008. In addition, the traded used plastics have lost massively in value. According to Destatis, Germany exported around 52,300 tonnes of "waste, cuttings and broken plastic" in September - six per cent less than in the previous month and 26 per cent less than in September 2021. In the first months of the year, exports of used plastics were almost nine per cent below the previous year's level. The most important customer was once again the Netherlands with around 111,000 tonnes, albeit with about a quarter less volume than in the previous year. In contrast, exports to Malaysia and Indonesia have risen strongly against the trend. So far this year, 19,000 tonnes have gone to Indonesia, compared to just 100 tonnes in the same period last year. Exports to Malaysia, at around 43,000 tonnes, were 14 per cent up on the previous year.



  • (22.11.2022)
  • Photo: © Pixabay

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