Experimental laboratory Bornholm

Experimental laboratory Bornholm


The Danish island of Bornholm wants to become the first residual waste-free region in Europe.

"Bornholm showing the way – without waste 2032" this is the self-confident title of a concept published last week by the municipal waste management company Bofa on the Danish island of Bornholm as reported by Euwid Recycling and Waste Management. The background to the new decision of the island administration is the fact that the island's waste incineration plant will have charged off in 2032. In this respect, the waste management company was faced with the alternative of investing in a new waste incineration plant or in a concept that would reduce the amount of residual waste to such an extent that incineration would no longer be necessary. The responsible persons have opted for the latter and want to concentrate completely on separate collection and reuse with the new concept. As a self-appointed experimental laboratory for the implementation of a comprehensive circular economy, the Bornholm-based company also wants to try out new ideas such as intelligent waste bins, robot-assisted sorting and changes in consumer behaviour for better outcome. The new waste concept fits well into the green, near-natural tourism concept, which in turn is part of an economic development concept.


  • Euwid Recycling and Waste Management 5/2019 (29.1.2019)
  • Photo: fotolia.com

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