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EU presents path to transformation of chemical industry

The "EU Chemical Transition Pathway" aims to show how the chemical and pharmaceutical industries can achieve the goals of the Green Deal.


The EU Commission published the "EU Chemical Industry Transition Pathway" at the end of January. In more than 200 individual measures, the document draws a transformation pathway for the industry to achieve the major goals from the European Green Deal: Climate neutrality, closed-loop recycling and zero-pollutant ambition, the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) reports. Based on eight thematic clusters, the paper assigned recommendations for action to the European level, the member states and the companies. In addition, a regulatory roadmap visualizes the implementation periods of the most important legislative measures from the EU's current legislative program, according to the VCI, which reportedly coworked together with the European umbrella organization CEFIC on the creation of the Transition Pathway. The VCI assesses the Commission's guidance as an important pathway that recognizes the industry's important role within the European economy and for a sustainable future. The VCI intends to intensively accompany the further design and implementation process. The association considers a "realistic implementation with room for flexibility and pragmatism" to be important. CEFIC President and CEO of BASF, Martin Brudermüller, welcomes the EU's transformation plan: "Today marks an important milestone on our industry's exciting but challenging path to achieving the goals of the European Green Deal. The EU chemical industry is already making its transition, but we need clarity, perspective and direction on how to get there." The Transition Pathway provided the industry with more clarity on how and when. It is said to represent a first and much-needed attempt to think together about the challenges facing the chemical industry holistically and also in light of the myriad of legislative changes. Successful implementation will help define the future of industry in Europe for decades to come, is said. The industry was ready to work with the European Commission, member state governments and the European Parliament to do its part. CEFIC has launched a dedicated website on the "Transition Pathway".

For more information: to download the "EU Chemical Transition Pathway"


  • VCI Branchenticker, (Feb. 3, 2023)
  • Image: © European Union


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