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Dutch LVP sorting plant of Prezero burned down

In the morning hours of June 16, fire broke out in the sorting plant in Zwolle, which was opened only last year.


As Euwid reports, the cause is still unclear. The damage is said to be in the millions. The industry is already talking about a total loss, Euwid says. The company is not yet able to estimate the amount of damage, but assumes that the loss will be "considerable".


The fully automated sorting plant, which cost around 30 million euros and has an annual capacity of 80,000 metric tons, only went into operation last year. LVP waste from the Netherlands is sorted there. Now it is being examined what should be done with the LVP quantities already delivered. Prezero assures that it wants to minimize the damage to customers.



  • (16.6.2021)
  • Photo: © weberje / (symbol photo)

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