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Data system for more transparency in plastics recycling

Recycled plastics in Europe are to be registered via "Recotrace" to improve confidence in recyclates.


Recotrace is a joint system of the Polyrec platform, which says it is now recognized as an official data collector for the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA). Plastics Europe, Petcore Europe, Plastics Recyclers Europe and VinylPlus formed Polyrec and launched Recotrace to collect plastics recycling data across Europe through it. Recotrace is to be used as a data collection base to monitor, verify and report on European plastics recycling volumes and the use of each recycled material. The goal of data collection in Recotrace, was to improve traceability, transparency and confidence in recycled materials throughout the European plastics value chain and to document their progress toward the CPA's goal of ten million tons of recycled plastics by 2025. All plastics recyclers and converters are encouraged to record their recycled plastics data in Recotrace, ensuring transparency of the loop for European plastics. Ton Emans, president of Plastics Recyclers Europe, says, "Understanding the size and dynamics of the European recycled plastics market will help shape future legislation and investment decisions to accelerate the transition to a circular economy." Recotrace is reportedly the first comprehensive data system to monitor both plastic recycling volumes and recycled plastic use for all major plastics. The tool offers recyclers and converters a free online platform to document their own progress in producing or using recycled materials, demonstrating their commitment to the circular economy, is said. Polyrec says it has ensured that all definitions and methods used in Recotrace are aligned. This ensured the comparability of all data collected.


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