Central office: Over 1.000 VE too little

Central office: Over 1.000 VE too little


According to the German Central Packaging Registry, a large number of companies violate the obligations of the Packaging Act.

According to Euwid, packaging producers and distributors had to submit their declarations of completeness for 2018 until 15 May to the Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (ZVSR). With 3,763 copies, only slightly more were submitted than in 2017, when according to ZVSR 3,744 copies were submitted. Accordingly, at least 1,100 declarations of completeness are missing, as Gunda Rachut, head of the Central Office, said in an interview with Euwid. To submit the VE too late or not at all, represents an administrative offence after the packaging law. The ZSVR now hands over a total of 2,000 administrative offences to the enforcement authorities, which can also impose fines of up to 100,000 euros on companies that have not yet submitted a VE. According to Rachut, the large number of inquiries received as part of the VE levy revealed large gaps in the knowledge of obligated companies and a large number of auditors. The elapse of the deadline for the VE expressly does not replace the levy. It was unacceptable, Rachut told Euwid, that legal obligations were more or less ignored. One should think that the public discussion about packaging also sensitises the distributors.


  • euwid-recycling.de (24.6.2019)
  • Photo: ZVSR

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