bvse supports waste project in Africa

bvse supports waste project in Africa


An aid network of the German bvse donates money for a garbage truck and waste bins in order to launch an initiative project for waste disposal in Togo.

In West African Togo, where people and the environment have to struggle with a major waste problem, Sanvi Sodji, who is studying in Germany, wants to gradually create a functioning waste disposal system. Vice President of the bvse Björn Becker has set a donation-friendly bvse aid network in motion, through which, according to the information, the first measures could be financed. With a used garbage truck and at least 1,000 rubbish bins, the student initially wants to start setting up a garbage collection system in a district with a population of around 150,000 of the capital of his home country, Lomé. This is also to provide employment in the country, which is characterised by high unemployment. Sanvi wants to use information campaigns to encourage local people to collect waste properly and to keep the environment clean. The proceeds from the sale of the collected waste will be used for new social and educational projects. The project participants hope that the project will provide the initial impetus to establish a functioning circular economy system and later extend it to the entire country. "Using simple means to help a developing country such as Togo to establish a functioning waste management system under expert guidance, more than any ban on straws or plastic bags will contribute to a sustainable solution to the global problem of environmental pollution and marine waste," says Bernhard Reiling, president of the bvse. "We very much hope that with this viral network action we can contribute to setting a truly sustainable example and hope to motivate even more people willing to donate by supporting the Sanvis project, because many more donations are needed to realize his dream," explains bvse CEO Eric Rehbock.

The transport of the donations in kind is currently being organised by the forwarding agency Giesker & Laakmann GmbH & Co.KG. Its managing director Hubert Laakmann is at the same time the first chairman of the association "Ein Lächeln für Togo" (A smile for Togo), which, among other things, ensures that cash and in-kind donations arrive directly in Togo.

In the picture (from left): Björn Becker, Sanvi Sodji, Hubert Laakmann and Kathrin Laakmann


  • (13.5.2019)
  • (10.5.2019)
  • Photo: Torsten Tschöke, Giesker & Laakmann GmbH & Co.KG

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