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Borealis and Reclay: joint venture for plastics recycling

The joint venture Recelerate GmbH is intended to closely link LVP collection and recycling.

The chemical group Borealis and the system operator Reclay announce the establishment of "Recelerate GmbH". According to the two companies, they each have a 50 percent share in the joint venture. With the new formation of Recelerate, they want to drive forward the circular economy in the area of lightweight packaging (LVP), they say. It aims to create "new and more efficient solutions to manage, sort and recycle LVP waste." Recelerate will act as a unifying element, it says, linking the two companies' activities to meet the growing demand for high-quality recyclates. Through the cooperation company, Borealis would gain access to a secure and consistent supply of raw materials in the form of light packaging waste (LVP), which Reclay collects as part of the dual system in Germany. Borealis would recycle some of the sorted plastic packaging waste in its own facilities using Borcycle technology. Recelerate says it will also offer some of the sorted plastics to other customers. The partners say they want to use the newly formed company to ensure that as much LVP waste as possible is kept in the cycle and thus within the value chain. "In line with our integrated approach to greater plastic circularity, Recelerate will enable significant progress in optimizing waste raw materials," said Lucrèce Foufopoulos, Borealis executive vice president polyolefins, innovation & technology and circular economy solutions. "We are very excited to begin the Recelerate journey. By rethinking and optimizing sorting and recycling processes, we will unlock better plastic circularity," said Raffael A. Fruscio, owner and CEO of Reclay Group.

Photo (flnr): Christian Abl, Dr. Fritz Flanderka (Reclay), Lucrèce Foufopoulos (Borealis), Raffael A. Fruscio (Reclay), Chris McArdle (Borealis)


  • (May 13, 2022)
  • Euwid Recycling und Entsorgung 20/2022 (May 17, 2022)
  • Photo: © Borealis

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