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ARA: Viennese collect more LVP

Since the beginning of 2023, Viennese citizens have been collecting more lightweight packaging, ARA reports.


In Austria, the collection of LVP has been changed. Since the beginning of the year, all plastic packaging has been collected uniformly throughout the country in the yellow garbage can or yellow bag. According to an initial interim report by the Austrian collection and recycling company Altstoff Recycling Austria (ARA), this led to an increase in volume of around 20 percent more plastic and metal packaging in the capital in the first quarter of 2023 compared with the same period in 2022. The waste management company in charge, MA 48, had stepped up collection accordingly to cope with the increased volumes. With new stickers on the 18,000 yellow garbage cans, Vienna also wants to provide even better information, motivate separation and make the expanded collection of plastic packaging even more visible. The bins have also been fitted with special round openings into which commercially available packaging with a diameter of around 20 centimeters can be inserted, in order to reduce the proportion of waste littered away in urban areas. According to ARA, this measure has significantly improved collection quality. Wrongly disposed waste had been reduced from 40 to around 10 percent. There are separate collection points in the city area for the disposal of bulky and larger plastic and metal packaging, is said. "The quality of collection is extremely important for sensible recycling," explained Josef Thon of MA 48, adding that he was pleased that the Viennese were already diligently participating and hoped for further increases to conserve resources and protect the climate.


  • (April 24, 2023)
  • Image: © ARA, Yellow garbage can sticker

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