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APK with expansion plans

APK AG in Merseburg is initially expanding its board of directors for its expansion plans.


The executive board of the plastics recycling company, which specialises in solvent-based processes, is being expanded once again: as of 1 January 2022, Susanne Küppers will strengthen the executive board around Chairman Klaus Wohnig and CTO/COO Dr Jürgen Flesch in the newly created position of Chief Financial Officer. Maik Pusch has already joined the management team as Director Corporate Development in October. According to Wohnig, the team is now "fit for all future challenges". According to APK, new plastics recycling plants are to be built in the coming years that will be based on the Newcycling technology developed by APK. This is a solvent-based process that combines mechanical and chemical steps. According to APK, it can also be used to process multi-layer plastic packaging made of different polymers into recyclates whose properties are comparable to those of virgin material.

According to the information, the new CFO Susanne Küppers is currently still CFO of the Wasco Group for the Nord Stream2 project in Lübeck. She has a degree in business administration and 25 years of experience in the financial sector.


  • (11/22/2021)
  • KI (11/24/2021)
  • Photo: © APK

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